why this project?

This project is my first full stack project, I already created a Dashboard using WordPress. I wanted to create a full custom Dashboard with the same feature but without WordPress. I also wanted to create a PWA.


The Design is slightly the same as my previous Dashboard, but since I do not use WordPress I also had to design the Admin panel with my CRUD forms. I made few changes but not much.


Since I am still learning Back-End technologies, I used native PHP to create mu Back.

The front is in VueJS 3, I created several views with one or more components each. I also used vuex and vue-router, with this it's easier to maintain the app in the future.


Once I will get more knowledge with Back-End technologies, I will redo my back-end with ExpressJS or NestJS and my database with MongoDB, the front will stay the same.




HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, VueJS, MySQL, PHP