why this project?

I started this project to practice what I've learn with WordPress. Creating a theme a bit more complexe that the previous ones.

The main point was to create a Dashboard where I can easily see my projects, tasks and meetings in the main page, then to have single pages with more details for each.


This design is homemade by myself, it's simple and minimalist, the point was to keep it efficient. In the Desktop version, all pages fits exactly the screen size, like this you can see all the info without scrolling in the page. Some part have inner scroll but but the main bloc.



It is a fully custom theme made from scratch.

Custom Post Types (CPT) & Taxonomies

I used 3 CPT : Projects, Meetings, Tasks. In order to link the Meeting and/or Task to a specific project I used a Taxonomy called Project, each project is an element of this taxonomy. Like this when I create a New Project, I add a new element and I can link any Task/Meeting to it. It is possible to link a Task or a Meeting to 2 or more Project if it's common to more than one.


Each Project, Task and Meeting have a deadline and status (finished or ongoing), in the Homepage, all Projects, Meetings and Tasks that have ongoing status are displayed and for each of them, if the deadline is passed, there are displayed in red, if the deadline is the current day the color is orange, if the deadline is in the future it's in green, with this color system, I can have a quick overview of my workload.

Progress Bar

In the Homepage, there is also a "Progress Bar" that gives me a quick look on the current day's workload. If all my task from previous and current days are all finished, it shows 100%, if not the percentage will adapt itself. WIth it, it's easy to see where I am during the day.


This Dashboard was created with WordPress at the beginning of my training, I plan to make a second version without WordPress, using Laravel for the Back and VueJS for the Front. The design will slightly change to be more efficient .

This project is ongoing and I hope to finish it soon as I use this Dashboard on a daily basis to work.