Moto Club de Villars

why this project?

This was my internship project to complete my degree.

I did my internship at the Moto Club of Villars, which is one of the main Moto Club in France that organized many national and international events.

The main subject was to do a whole new website as the previous one was made with a very old CMS that is no more updated, plus most of the content they had were fixed and they couldn't updated it themselves.

They ask me to create a new website where they could update all the content themselves. They also needed a way to manage registration for training days and educative days as they used to use google form but wanted to include it within the website.


I did the design myself, keeping their colors and fonts, I also tried to keep a basic display to not confuse their visitors.



I used WordPress for this project as they needed something they could manage easily. I created the theme from scratch and used few plugins to help me.


I used Custom Post Types (CPT) UI and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to organize the content, there are a ten CPT, it's a lot but I needed to seperate everything as not everyone can update all content, and to create the roles I used Members. I also used ShortPixel Image Optimizer and Folders to organize the Media as they will upload many photos from their events in HD so it needs to be optimized.

They also needed to receive notifications by email for some specific content so I used Notifications for it.

And the last very important plugin is WP All Export that can generate Excel files with data from a specific CPT, this was necessary so they can get all the people register for a training day in order to organize groups.


I created all the forms used in this project, I didn't want to use a plugin for that. The contact forms are link to a specific email taken from a list of committee members that can be changed by the club. The registration forms are linked with a CPT, when someone send a form, a new post will be created and the ACF will be updated with the answers, and the person who registered receive an automatic email to confirm his registration. All the post created are hidden for visitors and can only be seen by someone with the right permission on his account, and those result can be exported as an Excel file (with a plugin this time) to create the training groups.

Moto Club de Villars



HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, PHP