Online CV

why this project?

This project was part of my degree, I had to create an online CV that I can update easily.

I continue to use it today as it's very simple to use.


I kept a very basic design, same as any CV that you can create with Word for example. 



The development was very easy and fast for this one, I used WordPress as it was part of the requirement from my teacher.

No complex function in here, only a customized display of content using loops.

  • Custom Post Type (CPT)
    • I created 4 CPT for Degrees, Experiences, Skills and Languages. With this it is very easy to update.
  • Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
    • I used ACF in each CPT to optimized the information to display.
The CSS for this CV was simple as the rest of the theme. I created a small animation for the skills progess bar, when you open the page, the bar is empty and it starts to fill the bar when the page is loading.
Online CV



HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, PHP