Read & Chill

why this project?

This is a WordPress project with a full custom theme made for a reading blog.

The main point is to share opinions about a specific book and to have a nice display of the content.


It's a personnal design, I kept it simple and minimalist with only few pages so it's easy to navigate.



Create with WordPress, the theme is fully custom from scratch. it use mainly loops to display content from my Custom Post Types, I used Advanced Custom Fields as well to personnalize the way I needed to.

I also used Taxonomies to create sub categories for the books, this way it's possible to sort the readings by Author, Series or Genre or the basic display will be by Books' Title from A to Z.


I decided to create my own comment section, not using the one offer by WordPress, it was a small challenge to myself and it works perfectly fine. 


This was not a big project but a nice one to practice a bit more WordPress.

Read & Chill



HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, PHP