Thai to French

why this project?

I started this project to train myself in creating Custom Theme for WordPress.

The needs was a theme where we can display songs translation with a YouTube player in each post.


I imagined the design myself, I wanted an simple one with Music Vibes. I decided to add a part in the home page including the last 5 translations, I choose to display it using a "Playlist" shape to fit with the theme. 



It's a WordPress theme fully customized starting from scratch. The current version is the second one, as the first one was made at the beginning of my degree, my skills were low, as I improved I made a second version more organized and more efficient.

There is no complex function for this theme, few different loops to call the right content. I used taxonomies to be able to sort the music on archive page, with it, visitors can easily pick one specific artist to see all translations we made for him.

Thai to French



HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, PHP